Best Times of the Year in Pennsylvania to Get Professional Carpet Cleaning

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When is the best time of year for professional carpet cleaning? This is a common question for many homeowners who have carpet installed throughout their homes.

For many professional carpet cleaning companies, the busiest season is Spring with all the excessive dirt, dust and allergens entering into the home as more people are spending time outdoors. It is also the time of year when most people start to deep clean their house and choose to hire professionals for help with cleaning their carpet. 

When Should I Have My Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

If you are interested in planning a routine carpet cleaning schedule, you’ll want to know more about the benefits and disadvantages of cleaning your carpet throughout the various seasons. Here is some more insight on why it’s good to clean your carpet during each specific season so you can choose for yourself which is the best time for you. 

Why You Should Clean Your Carpet in the Spring 

As mentioned earlier when spring arrives it is one of the busiest seasons for our carpets. We are constantly going in and out the door, working on our gardens or mowing the lawn. Plus, the temperature is just warm enough so that we can shut the AC off and open the windows. All these activities can wreak havoc on your carpet. So around the end of Spring would be a great time to have your carpet cleaned and refreshed as you prepare for summer visitors. 

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Carpet in the Summer

We see many of the same issues in Summer with our carpets as we do in Spring. But most families do not spend a lot of time indoors during the summer, and therefore you allow your home and carpet some time to air out. Scheduling a carpet cleaning either in the middle or near the end of summer will allow you to remove the harmful dust and bacteria from your carpet so that it will be clean and fresh for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. 

Why You Should Clean Your Carpet in the Fall

The fall season is the second most popular time for carpet cleaning. That is because more people are getting ready for the holiday season and the guests that come along with it. If you are ready to get your home prepared for a long winter, scheduling a carpet cleaning while the kids are in school is a great option. 

Although cleaning in the fall will help you get rid of spring bacteria and pollen, you will also have to deal with all the indoor activities and traffic during the colder months. For that reason, some feel it is best to wait until after the holidays are over to clean their carpets. 

The Benefits of Cleaning your Carpet in the Winter 

With the home bundled up tight with no open doors and windows, winter seems to be a particularly good time to eliminate all the dust and dirt your carpet accumulated throughout the year. While some may leave their homes during the winter to stay at a vacation home or visit relatives, many people choose to stay home and stay indoors during the coldest time of the year. For that reason, winter is a preferred time for carpet cleaning for many Pennsylvania households. 

Get in Touch with Carpet Fellas Any Time to Schedule Your Cleaning 

No matter what time of year you feel is best for your home’s carpet cleaning, you can get in touch with the team here at Carpet Fellas for assistance. We take pride in taking care of your carpet as we make it look and feel like new once again. Call our carpet cleaners today for more information.

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