Carpet Cleaning: Why Professional Is Better

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Carpet Cleaning

Throughout the year, carpets endure a lot. Whether it’s your beloved dog zooming about with muddy paws or a friend who accidentally knocked over a wine glass, the messes add up. While many of these messes require spot cleaning, most substances used to spot clean are not thorough and leave residue behind. Which is why carpet cleaning is such a great investment.

It’s not just the accidents that make a carpet dirty. The amount of dirt and dust in your carpet accumulates throughout the year. While it all depends on the amount of wear and tear a it goes through, you should look into professional carpet cleaning once or twice a year. You might think cleaning your carpet is a task that you can easily tackle yourself. Even so, there are many things that professional carpet cleaning can do that you can’t. 

Carpeting Deep Clean 

While some hate vacuuming, others enjoy the process of cleaning your floor. In fact, you might feel that you are giving your carpet a deep clean, rooting all the dust and dirt out. This is not at all true. When you vacuum your carpet, you are only cleaning the top quarter of the floor. Even with the best vacuum cleaner, you will not be able to penetrate the entire carpet. A carpet cleaning service will have heavy-duty machinery that will be able to penetrate the entirety of the carpet, ridding it of dust, dirt, and bacteria. 

This intense cleaning is very important for those with allergies. Animal dander and dust can root deep into carpets, meaning that if you or a loved one have pet-related allergies or asthma, they can be affected by your carpet. Periodically having your carpet deep cleaned by a professional service can eliminate these pesky allergens and keep your carpet looking great. 

Keep Your Carpet Smelling Fresh & Looking Great 

Additionally, a thorough cleaning is also important if you want to keep your carpet odor-free. Nobody wants to have guests over when the pungent smell of their carpet seems to waft into every room. Bacteria likes to nestle towards the bottom of your carpet, meaning that store-bought cleaners and equipment will do little to help. Professional carpet cleaners have updated equipment and products that will make your carpet smell better than ever. Your cleaners will use HWE (Hot Water Extraction) to clean your carpet. This method involves using hot water and cleaning agents at a high pressure to lift debris from your carpet. 

HWE is not only great for ridding a carpet of smelly bacteria, but it can make your carpet look brand new. If you’ve ever looked at your carpet and wished it could look like new again, your wish can easily become reality. Professional cleaning services will use the machinery and products that can make a carpet look pristine. 

Carpet Cleaning Near Me 

When you have your carpet cleaned with Carpet Fellas, you can rest easy knowing that we use some of the most meticulous methods of carpet cleaning available. We work hard to ensure that your carpet will look and smell better than ever. Pesky allergens have no chance against our carpet cleaners. You will be amazed by how much easier it is to breathe after a carpet cleaning with us. To set up an appointment with Carpet Fellas, call us at (412) 290-5857. 

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