Carpet Stains: 5 Foods to Keep Off Your Carpeted Areas

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Carpet Stains

We all know that wine is the biggest culprit for hard-to-remove carpet stains. However, food can be just as troublesome. Whether you are having dinner with friends in your carpeted living room or sitting with the family for dinner in the carpeted dining room, your floor may be at risk. There are certain kinds of food that you want to avoid having near a carpet at all costs. These foods will often instantly stain a carpet and prove to be a nightmare to get out. 


While they may seem small, berries can pack a huge stain. If you drop a berry and someone steps on it, that berry will leave a huge mark behind. The juice in berries can dye your carpet almost instantly. While dishwashing soap and white vinegar can remove most of a berry stain, there will still be traces of the incident left behind. These traces can be removed with the help of carpet cleaners. 

Baby Food

When babies eat, they seem to attempt to feed the floor with how much food they boot overboard. Often brightly colored, baby food can leave a pesky stain behind on your carpet. Cleaning these stains will involve soaking the stain for hours. Instead of taking up your time with tiresome blotting, you could look for professional carpet cleaning services. Carpet cleaners can get rid of this stain in no time. 

Tomato Sauce 

Wine and Italian dishes with tomato sauce pair very well together. They stain together just as well too! Tomato sauce, whether it is incorporated in marinara or ketchup, is going to be hard to soak up due to its thick consistency. While you may be able to scoop the sauce with a spoon and lessen the amount of sauce on your carpet, you will not be able to avoid a stain. Even if you spent hours upon hours dabbing the stain with water, it would still leave that horrifying red blotch behind. To get rid of the stain completely, you will require the assistance of carpet cleaners. 

Peanut Butter

Just as tomato sauce is difficult to get out of a carpet because it is thick, peanut butter can be even pickier. The oils in peanut butter make it hard to remove and allow it to stain quickly. Even if you work quickly to remove most of the peanut butter, a brown stain will most likely be left behind. Professional carpet cleaning services can make quick work of peanut butter stains. 


While chocolate is a great treat for any occasion, it can leave an ugly brown stain behind. The problem with chocolate is that when it is spilled on a carpet, we tend to want to blot it with hot water. This is a big mistake, as hot water will only set the stain permanently! Usually, chocolate requires meticulous cleaning just to make the stain fade a little. In this situation, the best step you can take is looking for professional carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaners can easily rid your carpet of chocolate stains. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning In Pittsburgh

Many of the foods listed above result in stains that will never go away without professional carpet cleaning. If you are looking for trustworthy carpet cleaners in the Pittsburgh area, Carpet Fellas is here to help! Not only will we rid your carpet of stains, but we will knock out dirt, germs, and allergens. Call us at (412) 290-5857 today for a free phone estimate! 

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