Why You Should Have Your Carpets Professionally Shampooed

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Professional carpet cleaning

Carpet is comfortable on the feet, soft to look at, and lets your house feel like a quiet home. There is something about sinking your toes in after a long day at work. And much to be said about the tranquil atmosphere that your carpet can facilitate throughout the day. Sometimes, though, the busy days and household ‘traffic’ can keep you from giving your carpet the care that it needs. Sure, you can run the vacuum over it in your spare time, but sometimes that just won’t get the job done. Let’s have a look at why professional carpet cleaning is important and downright necessary.

Clean Carpets Mean a Healthy Home.

Everyday activities inevitably bring unwanted chemicals, particles, and even critters into your home. Just because you cannot see them, it does not mean that they are not there. Think about it. Every time you enter your home, open a window or even run your heat or air. There is a new opportunity for things to find their way inside and into your carpet. From dirt and mud to chemicals and bacteria, your carpet will end up absorbing it all. Some of these things (such as bacteria and mold) can even be harmful to the people and pets that inhabit your home. The only way to get down deep enough to clean and disinfect your carpets is to get a professional carpet cleaning with a heavy-duty carpet shampooer.

Comfort and a Good-Looking Space

Even though not all of the ‘yucky stuff’ in your carpet is visible, getting your carpets cleaned by the best carpet shampooer will have all of your carpets looking, feeling, and even smelling better. You would be surprised at how much visible dirt and grime gets caught up in your carpet and goes unnoticed. Getting a professional carpet cleaning can brighten your home and create a more welcoming living space. 

Believe it or Not: Airflow.

Ok so it might seem like a stretch, but the air movement in your home can be greatly restricted by dirty carpets. But think about it. All of the air that moves through your house glides across and through your carpet fibers. The more dirt and grime that gets caught in your carpet, the harder it is for air to move through it. Having still air near the floor will interrupt the air currents in your home, making it an increasingly stale environment. On top of this, loose particles in your carpet can get swept away with the airflow in your house. Eventually, they will end up in your ductwork and, you guessed it; in your air filters. Having your carpets professionally cleaned can greatly improve the airflow in your home.

My Carpet Needs Shampooed! What Should I Do?

Ok, so if you have read this far and are convinced that your carpet needs a good shampooing, the people at Carpetfellas are happy to help! No matter the task, their equipment is top of the line and up for the job. With detail-oriented service and a passion for carpets, they are sure to clean your carpets and make your house a bright and happy home. Whether you run a ‘tight-ship’ or life leaves your carpets neglected, the only way to get your carpets clean and beautiful to their maximum potential is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company like Carpetfellas to get the job done. Even if you think your carpets are clean and ‘show-worthy’, you might be surprised at what lurks in the fibers. Don’t hesitate to check out Carpetfellas and schedule a cleaning soon!

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